Wash Sector

Swanyee provided access to an adequate quantity and quality of water (e.g. construction, rehabilitation and improvement of traditional community water sources)and to promote preventative public health practices to enhance community resilience to current and future hazards related to water access, sanitation, public health and poor living conditions. We also provided pond cleaning campaigns to reduce water borne diseases and to promote vector control.

Sector Project Name Activities Location Beneficiaries
WASH Sustainable Project 3 water ponds cleaning and fencing, fly proof latrine and rain water collection tank construction Laputta and Bogale Township in Ayeyarwaddy Division 3000 individuals
  WATSAN Project 10 pond renovation and excavation Laputta Township 7500 individuals
  Civil society Led Livelihood Recovery and Development in Nargis Affected Area Hygiene Training Laputta Township 2250 individuals
  Emergency Response to Cyclone Giri Latrine Construction Myebon Township in Rakhine State 18750 individuals

WASH Project

SDF's implementation included the pond renovation and cleaning in 10 villages. After Nargis, most of the ponds were salainated. So, SDF renovate the them with the donation of Mercy Corps. We implemented at Sar Chet Village Track, Phone Gyi Gone Village Track, Bi Toot Village Track, Myit Pauk Village Track and Maung Nge Village Track in Labutta District.
In this pond renovation, we undertook as saline water pumping out, pond cleaning and removing clay, digging soil, adding lime as a treatment agent to get fresh water and compressing pond floor.So, the total numbers of 5772 population were benefited from this project.

SDF also renovated and made fencing ponds in three villages. The fund was donated by NPA, Norwegian People's Aid, Myanmar. This activity was implemented in Boe Pyae Village Track in Labutta District.650 population were benefited from this project.
The villagers can get ;ure water enough and improve their health by using this pure water. Before fencing the ponds, animals also went and drink.