Ongoing Activities.


Type of project

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Livelihoods Project 5 villages in Aung Lan Township 3 years LIFT


Livelihoods Project 3 villages in Bogalay Township 3 years LIFT
3  Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction in Coastal Areas of Myanmar 70 villages of Kyauk Phyu and Taungup Township in Rakhine State 3 years Plan Myanmar
4 Community Based Income Generation Activities in Delta Region 10 villages of Sat San Tract in Bogale Township 3 years Hand in Hand Micro Finance Private Limited (India)
5 Building community Resilience to Coastal Hazards in Myanmar 30 villages in Gwa Township 2 years ACTED
6 Initiating the track of sustainable development
through building up the capacity of CBO based community in improving
livelihood & food security
20 villages in 18 village tract in Aunglan Township 1 years and 11 months PACT/USAID
7  Initiating the track of sustainable development by
balancing the forest protection & livelihood improvement through
forming the forest user groups in Mein Ma Hla Reserved forest
5 villages in Bogalae Township 6 months Forest & Farm Facility/FAO
8 Schools (Cyclone Shelters) in the regions of
Ayarwaddy in Myanmar.  
10 schools in Bogalay and
PharPone Township
2 years 600 Kids Organization/SDC