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Full Name of Organization




Month/Year Of Establish

2006, June

Total members

20 (National Only)

Numbers of staff



Registration Number - MOHA - 1975 (2011 to 2015)

Main Sectors of Work

Emergency Relief and DRR
Rural Development & Poverty Reduction
Environmental Conservation
Micro Finance


Bank Information


MFTB ,MEB,Yoma Bank (Yankin Branch)

Account Name

Swanyee Development Foundation




Background History

A Brief History of SDF
SWANYEE DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is a National NGO founded in June 2006.
SWANYEE is a Myanmar Word which means capacity, capability of everyone and everything to perform work effectively and efficiently.


Enhanced the communities with the basic socio-economic infrastructures and the resilient capacities for disasters, and are developing in a sustainable way by self-reliant basis.


  1. Assist in crisis or chronic distress, and work toward the development of long term solutions on the basis of community participation.
  2. Assist communities, especially poor and vulnerable, by providing infrastructures and capacity enhancing activities addressing basic needs, and other assistances necessary to achieve self-reliance in their lives.
  3. Advocate for and assist communities in their management of natural resources effectively and efficiently, and climate change adaption.
  4. Promote gender equity and provide equitable assistance to the communities to ensure development of target population in the working area for improving their livelihoods without any form of discrimination. 
  5. Develop long-term partnerships with key stakeholders, where all partners are on equal terms, to achieve sustainable development in communities.

Operating Principles

  1. Swanyee upholds its beliefs and mission in its decision-making at all levels.
  2. Swanyee implements long-term and sustainable development initiatives which are appropriate to local needs.
  3. Swanyee balances on the allocation of all resources to ensure long-term viability of both relief and development activities at all levels.
  4. Swanyee undertakes humanitarian and development assistance, without discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity, gender, colour, politics or religion.
  5. Swanyee is committed to efficient channels to coordinate and integrate among needs identified, donor and available resources.
  6. Swanyee is committed to technical excellence in all its activities.
  7. Swanyee implements development processes which are based on community need assessments and which incorporate appropriate inputs from all levels of stakeholders having commitment to participation.
  8. Swanyee evaluates and redefines its policies through internal and external performance appraisals to improve its operations successively.
  9. Swanyee promotes its public profile through ongoing public awareness programs.
  10. Swanyee is committed to enlarging its donor base among individual, corporate, and governmental entities, which are related to its growth with regard to managerial, technical and community development capacities, as well as its organizational maturity.