LIFT Sector

Swanyee is implementing livelihoods projects in Delta region and will continue the livelihoods and food security activities in Dry Zone, Southern Shan State and Southern Rakhine State. Swanyee is one of the members of the Thadar consortium and MERN, and implementing its activities cooperation and coordination with consortium members.
Livelihoods activities are being implementing as an integral component of other programs, with a stronger emphasis on food insecurity, income generating, CMC and so on.

Swanyee emphasizes to increase availability and access to improve livelihoods opportunities among the most vulnerable population, and to improve social and policy environment for enhancing livelihood opportunities and capacities of poor communities, through empowering the communities for best practices concerned with food security and livelihoods.
Most of the families in Myanmar rely heavily on agriculture and forestry products as primary sources of food supply and livelihoods. Swanyee aims to increase food production through higher rice yields, growing vegetables and fruit trees and livelihood projects where livestock are raised.

Swanyee is focusing the extension of proven sustainable Agriculture Technologies for dry land crop production and cash crop for income generation for poor farmers. Provision of Agriculture inputs to poor and energetic farmers who are interesting in village development activities is also one of the idea that support sustainable livelihoods of poor farmers. Swanyee provides kits of livestock to most vulnerable and land less, women headed groups through revolving funds and livestock Banking system. Home Gardening with seasonal crops and perennial crops. Agriculture and forest based Agro-forestation is emphasized to improve food security as well as biodiversity conservation.
We are dealing with capacity development activities through vocational, technical and managerial concerned trainings for livelihoods improvement to the farmers and land less, and also dealing with CMC (community management credit) activities for the income generation.


Project Name





Sustainable Project

386 households were provided with Shelters as livelihood generator

19 villages in Laputta and Bogalay Township

1950 individuals

Civil society Led Livelihood Recovery and Development in Nargis Affected Area

Cash Grant and CMC Activities were implemented  to have assets for  improving the livelihoods and food security status

3 villages in Laputta Township

253 familes

Agricultural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project

Repaired embankment to improve the livelihoods of the farmers

7 villages in Pauk Taw Township in Rakhine

5250 individuals

Community base in Income

 Generation Activities in

 Giri Effective area

Embarkment Reparing ( Cash for work)

3 villages in Myebon Township in Rakhine

2670 individuals

Assistance to Cyclone affected


Embarkment Reparing ( Cash for work)

2 villages in Myebon Township in Rakhine

1155 individuals

The Civil Society Community based

Livelihood Resources

Development in the Dryzone

Capacity Building, Agricultural activities,livestock,Agri water,vocational training,Revolving Fund

5 villages in Aung Lan


3500 individuals

Building Local Capacities

for Livelihoods Systems

Approaches in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta

Agriculture, livestock,

vocational training and

social protection

3 villages in Bogalay


2100 individuals

Food insecurity prevention in the Dry Zone of Myanmar through agriculture production and

backyard gardening

Agricultural activities

demostration plot,Training,

Agri inputs, Home garden

50 villages in Meikhtila and

Thazi Township

2510 families